MVP Collaborative


For over 30 years, we have been adding new dimensions for brands in ways that traditional marketing mediums simply can't.

Together we will create change. Live events, video, and digital programs that persuade.

Big agency experience with boutique flexibility.

Consumer Engagement

  • Consumer Events

  • Product Launches

  • Ride and Drives

  • Event Displays

  • Engagement Activities

Business Meetings

  • Sales Meetings

  • Dealer Meetings

  • Employee Training

  • Customer Conferences

  • Press Events


  • Storytelling

  • Testimonials

  • Product/Service demos

  • Executive Updates

  • Event Documentation

Digital and Interactive

  • Interactive Kiosks

  • Websites

  • Webcasts

  • Event Registration

  • Data Capture Technology

Award-winning work for global brands


35 year track record – Yep, we've been around since 1980
Event Marketer's top 100 every year – we're recognized for quality.
Employee-owned – there's no holding corporation pulling our strings.

But let's face it. Short of some patent-pending, world-changing, only-one-on-the-planet capability, we understand that no client is prepared to immediately hire an agency after hearing their answer to "why you?"

We get it. It's about trust. Trust is earned, not told. We get that too. It's why many of our clients have been with us for decades. And they all started with a first conversation... so, why not start there?


1751 E. Lincoln
Madison Heights, MI 48071
Karl Siegert

Crystal Alexander

Ask me about: My recent addition to the family... and my lack of sleep that goes with it.

Saranne Atkinson

Ask me about: My 10th consecutive Port Huron to Mackinac boat race

Bob Auiler
Editor/Chief Engineer

Ask me about: What MVP really stands for... I should know, I came up with the name!

Marc Bochenek

Ask me about: Traveling over 2,200 miles to educate folks on Medicare

Amanda Broadwater
Associate Producer

Ask me about: A midnight train ride between Berlin and Vienna.

Kimberly Carmichael
Executive Producer

Ask me about: The sensation of rolling backwards toward a 400 foot cliff while shooting a reenactment video based on a real-life car accident

Kevin Danaj
President and CEO

Ask me about: How MVP has helped raise over 1.7 million dollars for childhood cancer research!

Brian Glovis

Ask me about: My passion and love for photography, both video and stills!

Catharine Hansford
Senior Account Director

Ask me about: How a globe on my desk led to the success of a million dollar project.

Bill Johnson
Director of Finance

Ask me about: Coaching High School basketball

Jeff Kirk
VP and Account Director

Ask me about: How building a model truck turned into 53 foot mobile Command Center

Mary Louise Luczkowski
Vice President of Strategy

Ask me about: Llamas and Mickey Mouse!

Anne Mantha
Account Director

Ask me about: Why a 7-foot remote control is typically the most popular thing at an event

Larry Moore
Production Manager

Ask me about: A guy I met in a pickup truck on a shoot, and the next time I saw him, I had to pay $100.

James Sharp
Technical Assistant

Ask me about: Why I use an LED video wall as a computer monitor.

Karl Siegert
VP and COO

Ask me about: Video snacking... what it is and how to take a bite

Tyler Tagami
Acct. Director/Producer

Ask me about: How shooting fly fishing in rural Montana will always be my favorite video shoot

Mike Vanderveer
IT Mgr/Web Programmer

Ask me about: The best video format for the web. Bit Rate, FLV, SWF, ETC

Barb Wrublesky
Accts Payable/Accts Receivable

Ask me about: How I keep the young wipper snappers in shape
  • A large part of our culture is based on giving back...
  • ... and having some fun together!
  • Over the past 8 years, MVP has helped raise 1.7 million dollars for childhood cancer research.
  • Preparing a hot meal for guests at the Ronald McDonald House
  • 2015 MVP giving tree
  • Helping a local neighbor
  • Helping a local neighbor
  • MVP was recognized for our community service work
  • Donating hair to raise money
  • Fun Friday afternoon
  • Adopting a family during the holidays
  • Giving back to our community
  • Gleaners Food Bank
  • Halloween fun
  • Helping a local neighbor
  • Helping a local resident
  • Lending a hand to a Korean War veteran
  • Local school backpack drive
  • Mission accomplished!
  • MVP Bags Tournament
  • On to the next house
  • Our MVP family helping another family
  • Shooting photos for St. Baldricks
  • The only way to throw bags
  • Tigers baseball game
  • Volunteering at Gleaners
  • Planting vegetables for Gleaners
  • Garage painted by team MVP
  • MVP paints a garage!